[ClugChat] There's no place like, was:Re: [CLUG-chat] Linux (and Open Source) Distribution

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Tue Oct 7 19:58:40 SAST 2003

Hi Percy.

I'd LOVE to do that. But it's a little further down the line. I first
have to get the money rolling a little. I can remember someone on the
list used to sell t-shirts (or still do). Is that you, Percy? I wanted
to buy one but my bank account didn't agree!

I'm glad the website went down so well. Everyone who's seen it was
satisfied. I don't have any web development skills and this was the
first time I created a website withour using "that (you-know-who)
program". I'm actually learning as I go, but it seems that this is the
best way. I expected some criticism because it seemed to me like
everyone looks down on a page that doesn't use css. I'll probably learn
it anyway as it seems very usefull. But python is much higher on my
programming to-do list.

Oops... now I'm going off-topic on my own off-topic-topic...


On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 15:39, Percy Langa wrote:
> Hey JC,
> Good work. Good looking website. Nice and neat. No fuss and no fancy
> (unnecessary) this and that.
> Have you thought of also selling geek/linux/OSS t-shirts with nice
> slogans like 'I would rather have a bowl of source code' or 'got
> windows?..' [front of t-shirt] 'I'll give you  linux for free' [back]? I
> would definitely buy a few of course.
> Percy
> >>> highvoltage at thepub.co.za 10/07/03 11:13AM >>>
> Hi Christopher,
> It seems like one of my ideas finally grew into more than an idea. I
> started up yesterday, and made 1 sale already! Now all I need is more
> open source software! My website is at www.ossn.co.za, it's work in
> progress but I think it's good work in progress.
> I'll appreciate your 2c, any advice at this stage is welcome, even 1c
> advice.
> Thanks for your support!
> Jonathan

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