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Abraham van der Merwe abz at frogfoot.net
Mon Oct 6 10:59:24 SAST 2003

Hi marc                                          >@2003.10.06_10:02:30_+0200

> > I have spent some time looking for a decent calculator.  A program that can 
> > replace my Casio Scientific Programmable calculator.  This is what I want:
> > 
> > 1) No RPN!  Something that uses BODMAS and Wysiwig style calcs
> > 2) The ability to scroll back to previous commands, edit them and re-execute 
> > them
> > 3) Some kind of simple variable storage / usage
> > 
> > Thinking about it, perhaps one could run something from the command line?  
> If commandline is what you want, run bc (or rather bc -l). 
> Actually bash can to a leetle bit of integer aritmetic too, 
> try echo $[7*6]

bc sucks(tm) (:

What really annoys me about bc is that it can't do floating point math.

Try apcalc. I use apcalc extensively. It's somewhere in the middle of matlab
and bc. It supports all the bc functionality of course, but supports lots of
other very useful stuff such as base conversions, arbitrary precision
arithmetic, matrix arithmetic, etc.

It even has an api for C programs.



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