[CLUG-chat] Calculators

marc marc at jade.cs.uct.ac.za
Mon Oct 6 10:02:30 SAST 2003

> I have spent some time looking for a decent calculator.  A program that can 
> replace my Casio Scientific Programmable calculator.  This is what I want:
> 1) No RPN!  Something that uses BODMAS and Wysiwig style calcs
> 2) The ability to scroll back to previous commands, edit them and re-execute 
> them
> 3) Some kind of simple variable storage / usage
> Thinking about it, perhaps one could run something from the command line?  

If commandline is what you want, run bc (or rather bc -l). 
Actually bash can to a leetle bit of integer aritmetic too, 
try echo $[7*6]



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