[CLUG-chat] SLUG Update

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Sat Oct 4 14:00:05 SAST 2003

Hi Clug.

I went to the Slug meeting at the Linux Computer Bank this morning. It's
a pity I was so asleep, I would've liked to talk to more people there.
Some of them I only found out who it was after they left... luckily
there's another Saturday and another and another....

It seems very promising. Things are a bit unorginized and in the
beginning stages. But I think things will get together once Jason sets
up those mailing lists. It's the first time I've seen so many people
interested in linux together (and there were only something like 15
people) and next week they estimate that there will be something like 70

I saw a few clug people too, first time I've met people in real life
that I've 'seen' on the internet first.

I think this Friday night I'm definately going to bed early...


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