[CLUG-chat] Make Linux skills available, and us some Tom.

Mike Morris mike.morris at cocosoft.co.za
Fri Oct 3 13:58:39 SAST 2003

Thomas Andrews wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:04:04PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
>>I think a good first step would be to get all the email addresses of the
>>unemployed people in the group who's interested, and set up another
>>mailing list concerning this. If clug can host it for us, excelent, if
>>they don't, we can just create some yahoogroup or something. Then, we
>>get together and discuss our skills, assigning different tasks and
>>skills to different people. Then we simply take it from there. Create
>>some company logo's, think of ideas to raise money for advertising, etc.
> You are creating unnecessary hassle for yourselves. Whenever there are
> linux jobs available, we get the company to send the job description to
> us (jobs at clug.org.za)

BUT -- that vehicle (jobs at clug) does not cater well/at all to short-term 
contract or one-off jobs that might well suit/interest "work free" 
persons (incl. myself).  Personally, I am interested in any kind of 
telecomute-style support or development, but not willing to move back to 
CT from Rheenendal -- I'd rather grow veggies for a living than move 
back to the city.

If no other solution presents itself, I would be willing to host mailing 
lists/cvs/website/wikis/whatever, but it is on pathetic (analogue 
leased-line) bandwidth unless others can help me pay for US-based 
hosting/bandwidth (already in place, but costs $).

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