[CLUG-chat] Make Linux skills available, and us some Tom.

Thomas Black thomas at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Fri Oct 3 13:33:17 SAST 2003

Hiya Guys

>>One refinement that would make such an initiative appeal to my core values 
>>would be if we could teach/mentor previously disadvantaged people.  Imagine a 
>>company taking on somebody with very little experience but a whack of 
>>potential.  This person would be under the supervision of a suitably skilled 
>>person who would ensure that the job gets done properly.  Eventually, the 
>>need for mentorship diminishes and the company will have a trained, 
>>experienced, connected employee of the right demographic in our new SA.
>>I dream of running classes in my garage for some enthusiastic kids from the 
>>Cape Flats - fixing up PCs and selling them and learning to program or build 
>>websites or something.  Just don't quite have the organising ability for 
>>something like that (yet).
This is starting to overlap with the work the Shuttleworth Foundation is 
doing. We initially formed the Linux Computer Bank with this as one of 
the core objectives in mind - you make use of eager, employed people of 
volunteers to do work under supervision which has real practical value 
(like installing Linux in schools), while at the same time build up 
their skills so that they become quite attractive to potential employees.

The project has worked really well so far and the only thing that 
contains it are the number of people willing to assist on an operational 
/ organisational level.

Please do contact me if you ever want to get together to chat about the 
project / talk about adding another dimension to it.


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