[CLUG-chat] Make Linux skills available, and us some Tom.

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Fri Oct 3 13:10:40 SAST 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 21:26, Thomas Andrews wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:04:04PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> > I think a good first step would be to get all the email addresses of the
> > unemployed people in the group who's interested, and set up another
> > mailing list concerning this. If clug can host it for us, excelent, if
> > they don't, we can just create some yahoogroup or something. Then, we
> > get together and discuss our skills, assigning different tasks and
> > skills to different people. Then we simply take it from there. Create
> > some company logo's, think of ideas to raise money for advertising, etc.
> You are creating unnecessary hassle for yourselves. Whenever there are
> linux jobs available, we get the company to send the job description to
> us (jobs at clug.org.za), and it gets posted to clug-announce, as you will
> see if you look back through the archives. We do vet the job ads first
> though, because we don't want to be a vehicle for completely unrelated
> stuff. The jobs don't have to be linux-specific though, just
> free-software-related, so eg a post for a python programmer, or a
> FreeBSD sysadmin would be eligible candidates. Rule of thumb is "as long
> as it's to the advantage of the free software community".
> -Thomas

Well, as I understood Trevor, we should set up a kind of alliance- a
group of people with diverse and specialized skills with at least some
amount of spare time. Then, if a company needs something to be done
once-off or on a contract basis, then we'll have someone to send them.
It could basically work as a company by itself. That's at least, how I
see it.


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