[CLUG-chat] re koha

Thomas Black thomas at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Fri Oct 3 09:38:58 SAST 2003


>I had a friend on these lists once (about a year ago) that was into getting 
>Linux into the libraries.
>He had a moped and an oriental wife.
>The wife was not arelative of the moped ;-)
>Is he here?
>Dave Jones
You're talking about William Chapman. The last time I spoke to him he 
was leaving for the UK.

I was trying to help him to get Linux distributions into libraries. We 
never did succeed at that, Library management didn't want to have the 
threat of people potentially damaging their computer installations by 
installing Linux, and then holding libraries responsible.

But what if you drop a book on your toe? (;


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