[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

Thomas Andrews tandrews at grok.co.za
Thu Oct 2 21:02:59 SAST 2003

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:43:56AM -0700, Benjamin Gay wrote:

> Heck if you go search the archives over the last several years you can
> see my name and the different email addresses I have used. But then it you
> were seriosly actualy researching this you would have done that already...

The last several years? You joined this list on the 1st of August 2003.

You are sending email from your desk at work at Microsoft in Redmond,
and you are using a private email address. Why don't you just be honest
about yourself ?

-Doubting Thomas

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