[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

Benjamin Gay benjamingay at winisp.net
Thu Oct 2 19:43:56 SAST 2003

> Your message id 016901c38834$d2c13460$0a051cac at ntdev.corp.microsoft.com
> is rather intriguing. Now, it is quite possible that you are a ZA expat[1]
> and closet linux user (in which case welcome, and I hope you enjoy your
> stay),

I have been out of SA for a while now. Several of my family members back in
SA use Linux. Its one of the reasons I still participare in these forums. I
have participared mostly in glug for several years now.

> but there is the odd chance that you may be an astroturfer[3]
> or worse. Personally I would like to doubt the latter - I would
> expect more sophistication in disguising the origin[2]. Actually
> looking at the list of addresses I think I can make out one or two
> better disguised phonies.
> So if I may put you on the spot - is it part of your work to be here ?

No. I am not representing anyone other than myself. The address that I am
using is my personal email account. If I wanted to disguise my identity it
would be trivial to do so. As you can see I have not made any efforts to do
this. Heck if you go search the archives over the last several years you can
see my name and the different email addresses I have used. But then it you
were seriosly actualy researching this you would have done that already...

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