[CLUG-chat] Make Linux skills available, and us some Tom.

Trevor Fraser trevor at redlinx.co.za
Thu Oct 2 18:09:39 SAST 2003

Hello All,

After reading your email from Jonathan titled 
[CLUG-chat] Linux (and Open Source) Distribution,
I thought I should voice another idea I've been having.

There are a lot of us in Cape Town that know the ins and outs of Linux
very well and could be an asset to Linux projects.  Some of us who are
unemployed would love to have some off the cuff Linux work, and some of
us who are employed would love to make some extra tom from some after
hours Linux work.

On the other side of the coin, there are many companies who could do
with a Linux sys admin now and again, or on a per project basis, i.e.
not enough to go out and hire one.  What about having some kind of a
system where people who now Linux, or a part of it, like lets say
setting up Sendmail, could be contactable to do this work for somebody.

There would need to be some kind of checking if "this guy can actually
do what he says he can", so it is not only discovered after it is too
late, because this could obviously be open for abuse. 

How could we make this possible and get it to work?  Any thoughts.


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