[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

smitty at absamail.co.za smitty at absamail.co.za
Thu Oct 2 12:14:34 SAST 2003


> [1] - The use of the words dry wall in a previous post speaks against 
>       the ZA expat hypothesis. Hmm.
> [2] - Though I concede the Microsoft isn't known for sophistication.
> [3] - But troll could also be an option.

Troll hunting time, gather ye pitchforks and torches.


When people rock up and they make that sort of email their first it can
mean something.

Benjamin Gay rung a faint bell but Gay seems to be very common surname.

I'm sure anyone who bothers to search he internet can find plenty of
rebuttles to at least some of Ben's comments and choice of words I've
certainly seen quite a bit.


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