[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

Adrian Snyman adrians at turnkey.web.za
Thu Oct 2 11:07:04 SAST 2003

On Thursday 02 October 2003 10:19, Charles Oertel wrote:
> On Thursday, 2 October 2003 10:06, Angelo Zanetti wrote:
> > Programmers do get paid regardless of whether the product is pirated or
> > sold.
> Not the guys that write and sell their own software (e.g. shareware authors
> etc).
> > Also with regard to stealing a DVD from a shop or downloading it they are
> > both loosing profit so there isnt too much difference, because at the end
> > of the day all companies depend on profit for survival!!
> The shopkeeper still has to pay the distributor for the DVD that was
> stolen, so loses a lot more than profit.  To make up that loss, the
> shopkeeper now has to sell maybe 5 more DVDs just to break even.  When a
> copy is downloaded nobody needs to sell more just to break even - that is
> the difference. _______________________________________________

The only real gripe I have is the fact that DVD's are distributed with 1 
extremely annoying feature .. Region/Zone locking ....

Now i know that currently simply setting your DVD to ZONE 0 .. you basically 
circumvent that .. but I think that this will eventually change ..

If you have a product that you want to sell worldwide .. you set a price ..
(Cost + shipping + profit)

It irks me though that they decide
(Cost + shipping + <depends where you are we will rape you accordingly>)

So the DVD's we get here (the originals) run at R 250+ .. for a DVD that costs 
$8 - $12 in the US - RETAIL ..

I was interested in a DVD called STOMP .. but at R 475-00 .. it just does NOT 
make sense .. The media is cheaper that VHS media as well as the packaging ..
put the price is double .. same goes for any kiddies films .. (+- 70-00 = VHS 
200-00 = DVD)

And they try and control this with region locks to prevent the average user 
trying to save money by trying to get the DVD directly .. 

So sure .. the companies lose profit .. but maybe they should also start 
looking at WHY .. the Pirated DVD's in SA average around R 80-00 ?? 
The ORIGINALS in the USA are around  $12-00 x 7-00 = R 84-00 ..
I would pay a 50 % premium for an original (+- 120-00) .. but at 4x the price 
.. what gives ??? No wonder we see high piracy ..


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