[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

Mark Ter Morshuizen mark at itbox.co.za
Wed Oct 1 18:44:23 SAST 2003

On Wednesday 01 October 2003 17:58, Benjamin Gay wrote:
> Again I ask you what is your point? Or are you just a shameless leach?

Again my point is simply that some people might find it strange that someone 
coming form where it appears you come from is participating in a forum such 
as this one, discussing what you are discussing.

The intention of this forum is not to disseminate the viewpoints of 
Microsoft, the RIAA etc. There are plenty of more appropriate venues for that 
sort of posturing.

I am not a "shameless leach". I, like most bandwidth starved South Africans, 
am not prepared to waste a valuable resource to obtain my music. I have a 
large collection of original CD's and decent equipment to play them 
on. MP3's and other on-line formats sound so terrible that I often wonder 
what all the fuss is about. I resent your implication and I wonder if you 
would like to back up your assertion with any form of evidence.

Mark Ter Morshuizen
IT Box Computer Services
+27 (0)82 542 6484

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