[CLUG-chat] OT: [Fwd: [pm] RIAA + Kazaa]

Benjamin Gay benjamingay at winisp.net
Wed Oct 1 02:27:41 SAST 2003

Dear Thomas,
Please find my comments inline

> You are standing on a "moral high ground" and your statment is
> unassailable, but I don't think getting "reamed" is actually the ideal
> solution.

I think there needs to be consequences for actions. At the moment its a
crime with no perceived consequence. Philosophicaly there is not a huge
difference from leaching a DVD or nicking one from the local store (I might
be oversimplifying a bit here, but bare with me). Most users dont have a
problem leaching the latest DVD, but would never dream of stealing one from
the store. One of the reasons why you are not going to steal it from the
store is you can see a direct effect and there is a consequence, if you are
caught you will have a criminal record. People know that downloading them of
the net is wrong, but they make lame justifications and cary on doing it.
This is not acceptable in my opinion.

> There's a lot of negative sentiment towards the RIAA because
> of this approach, and I suspect that it's just going to drive peer
> networks deeper underground.

Im sure a lot of people dont like the security guard at the super store when
he nab's them for shoplifting either. Whilst I agree with you that the RIAA
is not always the poster-child for the music industry they are presented
with a problem. Incidently I don't see P2P as the problem here.  A P2P
network just makes it very easy to pirate a large vollume of information.
People have pirated before P2P networks and Im sure they will continue to do
so in the future. At the end of the day people need to be educated. They
need to know that they should not be stealing and that if they do steal
there will be a consequence for there actions.

> When we were students it was common to make tapes of our records, and in
> this way I was exposed to a cornucopia of music. When I started working
> though, I decided that I could afford to buy records (and later CDs) so
> I left the old tapes behind and bought the music I liked. Unfortunately,
> what happened though, was that I was no longer exposed to new and
> interesting music because I had to be a bit more conservative. The
> result is that over the years I've bought less and less, and my interest
> in music has waned, so both the industry and I have lost out...
> What I'd like to do is get hold of lots of music like the old days, and
> then just buy the CDs of the stuff I like. This is illegal however, so
> we have a stalemate, because I really don't want to get reamed.

Not realy. There are a lot of sites that allow you to stream music and to
purchase from them (msn.com, apple.com etc). Heck there are sites where you
can purchase a single song if you want to. There are also sites where music
is free (such as mp3.com). The issue here is that the copyright holder of
the song gets to choose whether or not they want to give the song away for
free. You as the end-user dont have the right to make that decision on the
copyright holders behalf.

> >From this perspective my view is that the music industry is doing more
> harmf than good, so I can't say that I'm sympathetic to their cause; I
> would be if I could buy a CD at an affordable price, but the current
> cost of CDs mitigates strongly against speculative buying. I guess the
> Music Industry Millionaires don't see it that way though.

I agree that CD's are expensive. Personally I tend to stream a lot of music
and then purchase individual songs that I like. This works well for me but
wouldn't necessarily work well for others. I understand the resentment, I
just don't agree with people pirating.

Anyway that's my rather drawn out 2c worth


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