[CLUG-chat] Escrow Services

Mark Henderson mark at kaluma.com
Thu Mar 6 15:00:30 SAST 2003

Hi Charles,

There are IT lawyers and other people that provide escrow
services for source code, etc. I can refer you to someone I know
doing this in Cape Town if you wish. I've not had need of such a
service myself yet and don't know the costs involved, but they do

It's obviously important that the client is able to find the
skills to make use of the code in such a situation and not simply
have access to something they don't understand or can't
effectively use.


Thursday, March 6, 2003, 1:57:46 PM, you wrote:

CO> One of my clients has just asked me what would happen to their website if I 
CO> were (the bus story).

CO> As a one-man-band I cannot say that there is anybody else that could log in to 
CO> the server and provide continuity.  There is clearly a need for independents 
CO> such as myself to be able to lodge their system passwords, layout and 
CO> how-to's in escrow.  

CO> The escrow would only work if there is a guarantee that whoever took over the 
CO> documents would be able to make sense of the system and do something with it.  
CO> In addition there is the unfounded fear that being linux/FreeBSD there is a 
CO> lack of skill in this area and hence higher risk.

CO> What do other independents do in this regard?  Is there such a registry in 
CO> South Africa?  Should we think about setting one up?  It could even be a 
CO> business opportunity:  a registry to link people with similar 
CO> skills/capabilities and a secure, independent place to lodge system passwords 
CO> for their customers.

CO> Comments/Suggestions?

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