[CLUG-chat] Frame Relay..?

Abraham van der Merwe abz at frogfoot.net
Mon Jun 30 19:00:40 SAST 2003

Hi Allen                                         >@2003.06.30_19:10:43_+0200

> Is anyone of you using Frame Relay for WAN connectivity?

We are. What kind of connectivity are you looking for? VPN with some CAR
portion, internet access, etc?

> Who is providing your service?

IS, but there are many others providing the same kind of service (including

> How much does it cost?

Depends on what you want

> What are the speeds?

Depends on what you buy

> What is needed to set up a Frame Relay network (connection)
> between two sites?

Two routers (Cisco usually).

> What kinda hardware/interfaces are needed?

Anything. Depends on the connection. If you have diginet, you use X.21 sync
serial ports, E1, etc.

> Is it a simple matter of:
> {E_LAN}-[R/B]<-- FR_NET -->[R/B]-{E_LAN}
> E_LAN = Ethernet LAN
> FR_NET = Frame Relay Network
> R/B = Router/Bridge

Router, not bridge. Frame relay is just another layer 2 protocol such as
ppp. It just supports some basic QoS concepts which allow you to build
networks that offer some differentiated services.

> Where does one get this kinda hardware?

You can buy it from us or anyone that sells Cisco hardware 

> Can this be done with software?




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