[CLUG-chat] Frame Relay..?

Johann Botha joe at frogfoot.net
Mon Jun 30 18:43:25 SAST 2003

Hi Allen                                         >@2003.06.30_19:10:43_+0200

I know ATT still do frame relay in South Africa,
but they are moving that to MPLS soon

not sure if telkom still offer frame relay.

we run frame relay over one of our diginet links using a cisco 1601

why would you want a frame relay service ?

> Is anyone of you using Frame Relay for WAN connectivity?
> Who is providing your service?
> How much does it cost?
> What are the speeds?

8kbps to 2Mbps usually

> What is needed to set up a Frame Relay network (connection)
> between two sites?
> What kinda hardware/interfaces are needed?
> Is it a simple matter of:
> {E_LAN}-[R/B]<-- FR_NET -->[R/B]-{E_LAN}


> E_LAN = Ethernet LAN
> FR_NET = Frame Relay Network
> R/B = Router/Bridge
> Where does one get this kinda hardware?
> Can this be done with software?

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