[CLUG-chat] Callmore Time

craniac (Steve Crane) craniac at cidev.com
Thu Jun 26 09:36:57 SAST 2003

Daniel Shaw wrote:

> All billing is per second after a minimun call charge, so the per
> second rate just changes and you continue to be billed at the higher
> rate. Simple.
> It works the other way too.. if you dial in at 18:55 or whatever,
> after 19:00 your per second rate should drop. 

Yes but if you dial-in during callmore time and overrun in the morning, is
the portion until 7am still capped for InfinitCall [1] purposes or billed at
the normal callmore rates?

[1] The new name for R7 Call.  Makes me wonder how long before the R7 goes

Steve Crane

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