[CLUG-chat] An interesting read on the whole SCO thing

Neil Blakey-Milner nbm at mithrandr.moria.org
Wed Jun 25 13:14:28 SAST 2003

On Wed 2003-06-25 (13:06), Erhard Eiselen wrote:
> Neil
> Point taken. Thing is it is VERY long the article, and I am by no means qualified to summarise
> things like that. Sorry if I have wasted anyone's time

Just copy from the intro (:

``The full story of what one person who signed SCO's NDA encountered on
his trip to Lindon, Utah.

 This essay describes my visit to SCO on June 17, 2003, to discuss SCO's
claim that Linux infringes on its intellectual property rights. I
visited the SCO office in Lindon, Utah, for about one hour. I spoke with
Chris Sontag, Senior Vice President, Operating Systems Division, and
with Blake Stowell, Director of Public Relations. In order to speak with
them, I signed a non-disclosure agreement. 

The short version of this essay is SCO's claims are unproven, as I
expected would be the case before I went. The amount of information SCO
was willing to show me was extremely limited, and it did not by itself
prove that SCO's claims were true nor that its claims were false. ''


Neil Blakey-Milner
nbm at mithrandr.moria.org

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