[CLUG-chat] Re: [CLUG-tech] 64-bit Linux OS 4 AMD Opteron 244

smitty at webonline.co.za smitty at webonline.co.za
Fri Jun 20 19:26:10 SAST 2003

> > Thanks for your comments on 64-bit OS.
> > 
> > It seems that no-one is actually using Opteron at this point.
> > Perhaps because the Intel posse have got the screws on all the
> > retailers. Here are some preliminary cost data from our research...
> Hmmm... you have costing on the Opteron CPUs and motherboards yet???
get hold of a distribuetr pricelist, they usually start advertising
products (and their specs) months before they get them,  then prices
come out, then the product arrives. Useful for getting rough pricing in
it depends 

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