[CLUG-chat] UPS/monitor issues

smitty at wam.co.za smitty at wam.co.za
Wed Jun 18 21:59:48 SAST 2003

> I run 2 pc's off one ups. Both pc's have the monitor power supply
> taken from the pc's. Now, whenever I switch on the pc's, the UPS moans
> softly. Which is fine, I suppose. But I switch off the monitors when I
> am not here, and when I switch on the monitors again, the UPS moans
> softly again. Which makes me suspect that the monitors pack quite a
> punch, pwer consumption wise.
> Question: Why not run the monitors directly from the mains, bypassing 
> the UPS? This will take the load off the UPS.
Because it's hard to read a monitor that is off. So if the power goes
off. Also monitor is obviously at the mercy of whatever comes down the
> Issues:
> How much power does a monitor consume when not in sleep mode? I.e.
> will it be worth it to bypass the UPS in order to reduce the load on
> the UPS?
Mine says:
95W (<8W in power-saving mode)
> Is a monitor's power consumption similar to a laser printer, surging 
> greatly at startup?
Possibly. I don't knwo if it will spike much / at all above eg 95W but
if it goes from eg <8W to 95W, that's an order of magnitude... 
> How sensitive is the average monitor to power surges, necessitating a 
> UPS for protection?
Surge protector instead?
it depends 

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