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Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Fri Jun 13 11:32:45 SAST 2003

Thank you Erhard. Your last two posts are very encouraging. I'll keep it all
in mind!

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Jobs - on this list is probably a good place. Also get your CV on
CareerJunction (and look there often)
There are also a lot of other CV database sites out there. Contact personnel
agencies, etc...
In the end it's who you know - my last 4 contracts (ranging from 6 months to 2
years) were thru people
I knew and not from job ads or personnel agencies (go figure)


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Hello Cluggers...

Honestly, are there really that much linux jobs available? The linux+ course
I'm doing costs about R9000. The guy there told me I shouldn't worry to much
because that's what I would probably earn a month.

Another thing, where's the best place to look for linux jobs?

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated


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