[CLUG-chat] Yippeee!

Jason Hudson hudders at 5fm.za.com
Fri Jun 13 12:24:40 SAST 2003

I agree, read all you can and apply it wherever you can. Guys (and
girls;-)) starting out with Linux and Open Source need to
persevere(spellme) - find a means to an end - be a winblows
click-and-drool monkey if you have to be, Linux jobs will come...most
jobs aren't advertised though, so start networking!

While you wait, try to get Linux into your company/office - something
like phpgroupware on an abandonned P1 might break the ice, did for me.

Heinz wrote:
Linux knowledge is a good investment. Since It will dominate the
market soon. The course will probably be focused on redhat server
If you have spare cash go for it!
If not consider investing into a few good linux books. Read them from
cover to cover and try all the stuff out. I am sure the list can
some worthwhile books :0)
Also make a point of reading through the HOTOs in the Linux
documentation project, some of them are a bit outdated but there is a
wealth of knowledge. Whatever you do not understand I am sure the list
should be able to answer. What you need to understand is concepts and
not how it is done on-this-distro (TM)

Work does not fall out of the sky and your biggest pain will be
experience. Once you have that...

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