[CLUG-chat] Linux Jobs

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Fri Jun 13 10:15:35 SAST 2003

Hello All.

With regards to a job position, our company, Red LinX, will be looking 
for someone in about a month or two.  This is for a sales position 
though, but the person must be quite knowledgable in Linux.  There 
hasn't been any mention to me of what kind of salary is offered.

My experience this far is person are either good at sales or the 
technical stuff, not both, but Linux has gotten into quite a wide 
variety of people's blood, and I'm certain some of those are sales people.

If anyone is interested, please send your CV's to jobs at redlinx.co.za


   Red LinX - Converting to the Linux choice.
     E-mail: trevor at redlinx.co.za
   Web site: www.redlinx.co.za
Snail-mail: P.O. Box 55 156,
             Sunset Beach,

Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Hello Cluggers...
> Honestly, are there really that much linux jobs available? The linux+ course
> I'm doing costs about R9000. The guy there told me I shouldn't worry to much
> because that's what I would probably earn a month.
> Another thing, where's the best place to look for linux jobs?
> Thanks, any advice would be appreciated
> JC
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