[CLUG-chat] Yippeee!

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Thu Jun 12 18:21:16 SAST 2003

hehe... working on that! Today at New Horizons, Jason, my teacher who's like a
year older than me, talked about linux. He said something about KDE, and I
realized, that's the first time I ever actually heard someone say it out loud.
Then I realized that it was the first real-life conversation I ever had about
linux. This has been a good day.I can't wait to prove to everybody that Linux
isn't a waste of time. I always want to do things different, especially if
different means better. Everybody thinks this is just another phase I'm going

The bad part of it all is, it's bad on my mood. Everyone is so negative... My
dad thinks he's wasting his money, people keep talking it down.. A friend of
mine's sister even calls Linux a FAKE WINDOWS! I honestly have to say that
this group is the only 'human' link to linux that I have. I thank everyone,
especially the creators of the group, for making this what it is. I fear to
think what would happen to me if it wasn't for this group... I probably would
have done some <gasp> M$.net course.


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Change your friends :-)

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Next month I'm doing my Linux+, then I'll be almost as clever as you guys!

Sorry for this spam. But I had to share it with somebody. My dad thinks I'm
wasting his money, my friends think Linux is stupid.


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