[CLUG-chat] Intel 25 years on

Chris Nash chris at xtt.co.za
Thu Jun 12 10:03:48 SAST 2003

Why is it that a well maintained car, good red wine, and many other things
increase in value over time and pc parts don't? I mean, if they did, I'm
sure a lot of us could make a fortune!
just a thought.
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> "Intel on Monday quietly marked the 25th anniversary of x86, the basic
> architecture behind the chips that power most of today's PCs, with more
> one billion units shipped. At 3.06GHz, the Pentium 4 is about 600 times
> faster than the 5MHz 8086 that was introduced on June 9, 1978. "
> We have indeed come a long way...my first PC that I bought in 1986/7 was
> like 15MHz, 1Mb Ram and 40Mb HD and then it cost about R8,000
> EE
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