[CLUG-chat] You be the judge....

smitty at wam.co.za smitty at wam.co.za
Tue Jun 10 21:47:10 SAST 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 10:33:28 +0200
"Erhard Eiselen" <eis at tad.co.za> wrote:

> Don't know if this guy has a valid point, or if he is just stirring -
> you be the judge

Who owns ZDNet?

> Time for Microsoft Linux?
> http://www.zdnet.com.au/reviews/software/os/story/0,2000023564,20275212,00.htm
Hmn at best David Coursey wrote something idiotic, at worst he's an

The internet in every application, now that is stupid. About as stupid
as supportiong vbscript in many aplications.

Write once run anywhere (exploits).

I'd like to know how they are going to embrace, extend, exterminate
Linux. What build an OS NXP with linux on the bottom and windows code on

What benefit would anyone get if they ran that?
I can just imagine the windows layer messing it all up.

Heck why don't they GPL their code while they're at it?

>that only Microsoft controls. 
If that doesn't scream vendor lock in, I don't know what does. 

And people are supposed to pay for it? Why not just stick with whatever
windows OS they are running.

If its going to cost less, they're going to have spend less, because
windows certainly makes money for MS now, if it costs less then they
will get less.

MS's competitors could forget about MS's windows layer and run
directly on the Linux layer.

>I've seen what you did with the Internet. 
What, managed to subvert html standards, and release a browser with many
security holes?

In short:
MS is going to switch from very nearly complete control of windows to
MS Linux where it has a whole lot less control.

Its going to make a cheaper operating system.
That's likely (to succeed).

it depends 

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