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Shes not on this list ... but my fiance claims to know everything ... i
tend to agree with her (or the couch and i get to know each other
better) ...
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No I don't (or didn't), cos I don't know everything and so learn some
every day.
Is there anyone on this list that can proclaim that they know
My 2cents
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On Tuesday 10 June 2003 07:59, Erhard Eiselen wrote:
Do you really not know?

It is a word for the "life force" or "connecting energy that binds all

> "The Tao is embodied in all software regardless of how
> insignificant," said the master.
> "Is the Tao in a handheld calculator?" asked the novice.
> "It is," came the reply.
> "And, is the Tao in XP?"
> The master coughed and shifted his position slightly. "The
> lesson is over for today," he said. The Tao of Programming.
> -----
> I don't know what Tao means, so I looked it up. The closest I
> got was "The ACE ORB (Object Computing, Inc.) " - though
> it may mean something else.
> EE
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