[CLUG-chat] What is "default.ida"

Mike Morris mike.morris at cocosoft.co.za
Mon Jun 9 11:22:35 SAST 2003

Lately I've had a bunch of attempts to GET a file called "default.ida" 
from my webserver.  Seems to be an IIS thing and somebody(bodies) trying 
to crack or otherwise hammer on the server.

Just curious to know what this "default.ida" file is supposed to 
do/contain, and any suggestions for attaching something nasty to/in 
it... ;-)

mike morris
cOcO software

email: mike.morris (at) cocosoft . co . za
        mike.morris (at) coco-technologies . co . za

ph:    (Local) 044 388 4635
        (Int'l) +27 44 388 4635

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