[CLUG-chat] Sahara-bad

Ashley Shaw ashley at lightspeeddevelopment.net
Fri Jun 6 23:35:29 SAST 2003

Hi there

I have been following this thread from the beginning and I would just like
to ask the people who have been posting comments have you tried
friendliness. I agree with many points and I too have been extremely annoyed
with how slack, slow, etc. Sahara can be, but this was when I first started
buying from them. I have been buying from them for about 8 months. Within
these 8 months I have established a good working relationship with each of
the departments, through being courteous, friendly and adhering to the
protocols that they work by. This goes for not only Sahara, but Rectron and
all of the other suppliers. I am registered with pretty much all of the IT
suppliers in the Cape Town area, therefore I have become well aware of how
to deal with them......

Jonathon, good point that you made about the fact that the techies are
probably just some young dudes who are working for this place..... Sahara!
What does it help to crap all over them when your stuff is not ready, etc,
etc. They have a massive work load, which is not particularly well assisted
by their terrible computer system. I know the most of the Sales, Dispatch,
Accounts, Workshop, etc. and there is this one dude called Martin.....  He
rocks, he took me out back and gave me my first Gentoo experience.... (hehe,
no pun intended). Very interesting seeing I was only familiar with RedHat
variants. Martin is quite active on the Gentoo lists and really know his
open source stuff.........

Clive, to answer your question about whether anyone has had any bad
experiences with Sahara.... Yes, Yes, but so has everyone in our industry
who has ever had to deal with a busy supplier. My advice to you is that if
you do decide to register with Sahara (pretty easy) then read the TERMS and
CONDITIONS that everyone just signs without looking at. Another a smile goes
a lot further than #$@#% and %$#%$%$ it just adds to the aggravation.

Anyways, going to crash after a long sick week...... :-(

Cheers and good nighty fellow CLUGGERS

Ashley Shaw
Technical Director

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