[CLUG-chat] Sahara-bad

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Fri Jun 6 17:06:35 SAST 2003

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From: Chris Nash <chris at xtt.co.za>
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Subject: Re: [CLUG-chat] Sahara-bad

> Regularly. Refuse to work with them now. Biggest problem is warranty stuff.
> and you use it a lot with Sahara computers. You wait for ever and land up
> taking to techies who don't always sound to knowledgeable. A simple swoop
> out takes as much as 4 weeks! Only good thing I've found is there prices,
> though I do wonder every now and then...
> Chris

I feel sorry for those techies. Most of them are underpaid school leavers
who'll probably quit within a year and do something completely else.


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