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Paul - LUG lug at wpps.wcape.school.za
Fri Jun 6 15:27:47 SAST 2003

Hi All,

I have just finished talking to my hardware supplier, who used to get his
stuff from Sahara. He was in there one day, and a youngish guy had brought
back a motherboard with something that was not working on it. The regional
manager walked up and told the guy to get the f**k out of his shop without
even listening to him. That was the last time my supplier went to them. Also
swop out times are really bad, and returning broken goods that are in
warrantee are a big schlep and take a long time. Note: This is a story I
have been told, and cannot vouch for its authenticity.

Speaking of Rectron, last week I asked my supplier to get me an AMD heatsink
and fan. They could not do it firstly because they were doing a migration.
Then the migration went bad, and so the story went on. Eventually today,
there system was up and they had stock. My supplier went into rectron, stood
there for 2 hours, to be told, sorry, we are out of stock! He went to the MD
and screamed.

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> Hi
> I was wondering if anyone on the list has had any bad experiences with
> sahara or maybe heard of someone who has.
> Regards
> Clive
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