[CLUG-chat] Sahara-bad

Erhard Eiselen eis at tad.co.za
Fri Jun 6 12:07:46 SAST 2003

I asked the same question in Jan before I bought mine (for home). The feeling then was pretty much 50/50.

Our machine at home does not run 24x7 but no probs so far, except the fan (I think the CPU fan is a bit noisy - AMD Athlon) - has got Win98 and SuSe 8.2
My work PC is also Sahara (Intel) and now and then I get a memory fault, but not enough to annoy me. - Win2K

I also have a Sahara test machine on which I am evaluating SuSe 8.2 - so far no problems.

So I guess as with a lot of stuff you buy, it is luck of the draw - I have no complaints

Also I have bought quite a few Flash Memory sticks from them - works without problems


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I was wondering if anyone on the list has had any bad experiences with 
sahara or maybe heard of someone who has.



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