[CLUG-chat] Re: OSS Debate

Izak Burger iburger at cs.sun.ac.za
Mon Jun 2 10:53:41 SAST 2003

It plays just fine with xine.

I backported xine-ui from sid to woody.  You can get it here:

deb http://www.cs.sun.ac.za/~iburger/debian woody main contrib non-free

But I am not responsible for any damage it may cause to your system :-)
Looks pretty innocent though, only depends on a few packages.

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Daniel Shaw wrote:

> >> I downloaded the avi's, but I cannot find anything to play them with.
> >> I tried xanim, mplayer, aktion, noatun, MS Media Player. All of them
> >> complain about an unrecognised codec.
> >>
> >> What do I need to play these things?
> >
> >Same problem here. Maybe we should be running XP ;-)
> My mplayer plays 'em fine. Maybe time to upgrade mplayer ? OR just use Gentooooo ;)

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