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Clive Crous clive at capedomain.co.za
Thu Oct 31 10:21:42 SAST 2002

Hi Johann,

I'm actually a programmer turned web developer myself,
although primarily backend apps.

She has done graphics, she made a logo for pcmusic.co.za a while ago
when someone "Advertised" for one in this list.  she has also made a few
sites, and received her os/programming and basic web html/js etc etc
training from me :)

she is cabable (and due to my influence an avid linux advocate ;), but
we've found that nobody really cares what you can do unless you're able
to wave a piece of paper in their face to say that you have "training".

so what I'm looking for really is some course that'll get a job, content
is pretty much irrelivant to me or to her as long as the course contents
and company look good to prospective employers


On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 23:51, Johann Botha wrote:

    Hi Clive                                         >@2002.10.30_16:33:08_+0200
    > The Web Development course focuses on ASP pages as this is the easiest of
    > the development languages to learn.
    > Once she has got to grips with database driven site concepts she could then
    > learn php or java etc etc.
    > The reason for the focus being ASP is that majority of ISP's
    > run a M platform and therefore IIS servers.
    > :) ... like I was saying .....
    allow me to share some rants and pet hates..
    1) Macromedia MX, flash etc.
    what is the biggest problem with the web today ?
    even the banks dont grasp this word.
    have you ever found a Flash page where use of Flash contributed to the
    functionality of the site ?
    2) Java
    dont go there, why is this even perceived as a web backend language ?, not
    3) Most ISP's run IIS/ASP
    Most ISPs have to keep some ASP box around in order to get business from
    people who believe that most ISPs run IIS. I dont think you'll find anybody
    who runs an ISP that will tell you they want to run IIS.
    Out of basic principle our ISP does not support IIS/ASP. I would have to get
    a wholesale account for buying pain killers (:
    my advice for people wanting to get into web design / database backed web
    Learn SQL
    Learn to setup/debug Apache on Linux, get your own box to play with
    Learn PHP
    Learn to use your text editor
    Learn to use your database console, MySQL or PostgreSQL
    Learn to use SSH for remote admin
    Use weblint or http://validator.w3.org/
    It may be a good idea not to go on a course, i dont think many training
    companies will teach you the practical side and they will most likely not use
    Free Software tools.
    Just get yourself a project, find a challenge, jump in, read the docs, build
    something. I think thats the best way to learn.
    Dont get used to GUI web editing tools, they all suck. If you are serious
    about building websites there is a good chance you want to colo your server,
    so learn to use tools that you can use for remote admin.
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