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Jenni Finsen wolta at wol.co.za
Wed Oct 30 15:36:06 SAST 2002

Dear Clive

I run a computer training school and we do run a web design and a web
development course. Both courses offered make use of Macromedia MX which is
not platform specific. This way your girlfriend can work on any machine so
long as it has MX installed. The Web Development course focuses on ASP pages
as this is the easiest of the development languages to learn. Once she has
got to grips with database driven site concepts she could then learn php or
java etc etc. The reason for the focus being ASP is that majority of ISP's
run a M platform and therefore IIS servers.

With regards to the graphic side, we will be launching in the new year a
Fireworks course which will teach her to use the Macromedia graphic tool.

If this sounds like something she would want to do please feel free to give
me a call.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or need
more information.


Jenni Finsen
World Online Training Academy
Telephone: +27 (21) 421-4411
Cellular: +27 (83) 755-4556

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Hi All,

My Fiance is an artist who's also into PC's and wants to do a web
development / graphic design course.

All those we've found are heavily M$ influenced courses.  We're trying
to find one that preferably doesn't stick to just one os/platform.

cood coverage of PC/MAC && linux/windows   asp/jsp/php etc etc

ie. a nice well rounded course

if graphic design & web dev need to be split into different courses then

Just thought I'd probe the cape town resources for info :))

any info on recommended courses/institutions greatly appreciated.
an "industry-recognised-institution(tm)" would be best of course :)


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