[CLUG-chat] Web/Graphic Design Course

Clive Crous clive at capedomain.co.za
Wed Oct 30 14:20:09 SAST 2002

Hi All,

My Fiance is an artist who's also into PC's and wants to do a web
development / graphic design course.

All those we've found are heavily M$ influenced courses.  We're trying
to find one that preferably doesn't stick to just one os/platform.

cood coverage of PC/MAC && linux/windows   asp/jsp/php etc etc

ie. a nice well rounded course

if graphic design & web dev need to be split into different courses then

Just thought I'd probe the cape town resources for info :))

any info on recommended courses/institutions greatly appreciated.
an "industry-recognised-institution(tm)" would be best of course :)


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