[CLUG-chat] IT setup for Protest Action

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.co.za
Wed Oct 30 07:02:49 SAST 2002

Hi all

I am planning a tree-sit to protect some endangered plants and wetlands from 
the N21/R300 toll road in January (Google "Julia Butterfly").  It will be on 
a gum-pole tower in a wetland (about 150m from my house - see why I am 
concerned on RoadToNature.org ;-)

Now, being a techie nerd - and because I support the IT in our home business, 
and because I want to run a webcam, website and email campaign, I was 
wondering whether I could use a laptop with wireless lan to connect into my 
home network.  I know it is "illegal" because it crosses a road - but given 
that my rights are being violated anyway, and that the monopoly laws are from 
the apartheid era and and and...

Assuming it is technically feasible (I will have line of site), and not too 
expensive (sponsors anybody?), what security considerations would I need to 
put in place to protect my home lan now that it has a wireless?

Also, does anybody know who might lend me a laptop / solar panel or battery 
charger with spare batteries / wireless cards etc in return for some 
publicity (I was on e-TV on Monday night)?

Charles Oertel

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