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Thomas Black thomas at tsf.org.za
Tue Oct 29 10:54:14 SAST 2002


Peter Hart Davis - MWeb wrote:
> Check out the work the Shuttleworth Foundation is doing http://www.tsf.org.za (I think thats the url)
> Phd

Perhaps I can add to this. I work for The Shuttleworth Foundation and I
am responsible for our Linux work.

We have established community telecentres in three libraries. The
systems are fairly small, only four Linux terminals in thin-client
configuration connected to a server hidden away somewhere. The
facilities offer Internet access as well as typing and printing
facilities. It's a paid-for service - the centre is run by the 'friends
of the library' organisation and they have to cover costs for the
dialup, paper and toner.

Out of the three libraries, two have worked extremely well. The third
was not as successful - unfortunately Telkom costs (and hence Internet)
were just too expensive for the financially strapped community to cover,
so that aspect was dropped from the center.

We don't do libraries anymore. The Cape Town Unicity is installing
similar systems in all libraries within the unicity. They are also using
Linux, indeed their model is very similar to the one used by ourselves.
They are also covering line and Internet costs, which is great.

We are doing a few schools at present. We funded the installation of a
Linux lab at Alexander Sinton (a linuxlab.org.za project). We are
currently working in Nooitgedacht primary school, and there are another
two schools in the pipeline.



Thomas Black
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