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Bretton Vine bretton at hivemind.net
Tue Oct 29 00:01:52 SAST 2002

I towuld be nice if we could get more Linux based telecenters forming in 
South Africa. To the best of my knowledge most are M$ based and sponsored.

Networking marginal neighbourhoods in North-East Quito gets underway

QUITO, Ecuador -- After one year of hard work, the Federation of 
North-East Quito Neighbourhoods (Federación de Barrios Populares del 
Noroccidente de Quito) together with APC's Quito-based member, INTERCOM, 
have finished equipping the Federation's first ever telecentre. The 
telecentre is based physically inside the Federation's headquarters, 
located in a marginal neighbourhood in the deprived area of NE Quito, 
and will form the central node of an electronic inter-neighbourhood 
network which will extend to another four neighbourhoods.

The telecentre has nine computers, seven of them running entirely free 
software (Linux), and is run by fifteen "promoters", between the ages of 
16 and 28. The promoters all come from the surrounding district and many 
of them have found it difficult to find jobs in the depressed national 
economy. One of the goals of the telecentre is to improve the perception 
of young people in the neighbourhood by providing them with skills and a 
community leadership role.

An unexpected boon came in June when the project was one of six selected 
from 173 Ecuadorian initiatives supporting intercultural activities to 
receive a small grant from the World Bank. With the grant, the 
Federation was able to buy a digital camera, a television, a video 
recorder, a scanner and two computers more than they had initially 
planned for. The plan is to use this equipment to organise dialogue 
spaces such as videoconferences.

Over the last few months, the promoters have been taking courses on 
computing, to be able to help telecentre users, and from October, 
they'll be receiving instruction on running small businesses and the 
strategic use of information and communication technologies, and web 
design - the first step to building an interactive website for the centre.

More about the project: 
http://www.infodesarrollo.org/proyectos.html?x=1121 [in Spanish]

Originator: --- (INTERCOM)
Date: 10/24/2002
Location: QUITO, Ecuador
Contact: intercom at ecuanex.net.ec
Category: Internet Access
Source: APC

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