[CLUG-chat] Help establish LUG in Guguletu

Russell Tiedt rusty at rusty.org.za
Sat Oct 26 12:37:27 SAST 2002

On 25 Oct 2002, at 19:31, William Chapman wrote:

> I recently was invited to give a presentation on Linux to an
> organisation based in Guguletu known as Connections. They have a
> couple of 486 stand-alone computers and a Pentium and are very keen to
> switch over to Linux. This group interacts with the community to
> provide computer skills development. They seem also pretty keen to
> start their own LUG - provisionally given the name GUGS-LUG to prevent
> confusion with GLUG!

Are there any people in Bloemfontein with similar intersts to 
starting a LUG here?

> If converted to a network this might work. If anyone with a technical
> background from CLUG is willing to evaluate their hardware, please
> respond. Also what are the minimum hardware specs for distributions
> such as Mandrake 9?

Mandrake 9.0 requires Pentuim class processors, if it must be 
Mandrake, there exists I believe a  7.1 Version is available.

On 486 systems Slackware and Debian are the Distro's of choice, 
RedHat 6.2 will also work but requires minimum 32M RAM. SuSE 
6.1-6.4 might be worth while, especially if you can get hold of some 
old boxed sets, as the manuals are worth a great deal to 

> Members of the community are also excited about the news that certain
> essential software is available in their mother tongue. Kindly
> respond! HELP is needed!

What software are you refering to here?

Once again, any one in Bloemfontein interested in forming a LUG?


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