[CLUG-chat] Help establish LUG in Guguletu

Uri Zalk uri at ant.co.za
Fri Oct 25 20:49:19 SAST 2002

For the 486's try RH 6.2. Maybe SUSE up to 6.x. Anything later is likely
to be too bloated. Use latest 2.2 Kernel. Install only what you need. Must
have min 32mb RAM. Set up sufficient swap. Consider running links and pine 
from the console and joe as an editor rather than burden yourself with a 

For the P I, depending on speed, you can go up to RH 7.3, Mdk 8.x 
depending on CPU speed, RAM, amount of HDD space and rest of hw 

I am running a number of P I 233mz, 64mb to 128mb RAM and lots of HDD
space. Currently with RH 7.3. They function reasonably well but tend to be
a bit frustrating taking too long to load StarOffice 5.2 and or OpenOffice

I was running a number of "586" boxes and would not go above RH 6.2 on 
them. Both the 486 and 586 would work reasonably well as servers, 
gateways, firewalls if they have enough RAM and disk space and you stick 
to console rather than GUI. Probably also more secure.



On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Andre Koorts wrote:

> Well, Mandrake needs at least a Pentium class cpu to run on... and for
> RAM, I wouldn't go lower than about 32mb if possible, because I know it
> complains then.
> Regards,
> Wayne
> On Fri, 25 Oct 2002 19:31:20 +0200, William Chapman wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >I recently was invited to give a presentation on Linux to an
> >organisation based in Guguletu known as Connections. They have a couple
> >of 486 stand-alone computers and a Pentium and are very keen to switch
> >over to Linux. This group interacts with the community to provide
> >computer skills development. They seem also pretty keen to start their
> >own LUG - provisionally given the name GUGS-LUG to prevent confusion
> >with GLUG!
> >
> >If converted to a network this might work. If anyone with a technical
> >background from CLUG is willing to evaluate their hardware, please
> >respond. Also what are the minimum hardware specs for distributions
> >such as Mandrake 9?
> >
> >Members of the community are also excited about the news that certain
> >essential software is available in their mother tongue. Kindly respond!
> >HELP is needed!
> >
> >Regards William

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