[CLUG-chat] Re: [CLUG-tech] Is there a market for Linux qualified people?

Abraham vd Merwe abraham at 2d3d.co.za
Thu Oct 24 10:05:52 SAST 2002

Hi Francois!

I've CC'd clug-chat (clug-tech is not meant for these discussions).

> If there is a market for people with Linux skills, then in which field?
> Administration, programming etc.?

Both. I think the competition is a bit more hectic in the free software world
since the market is much smaller, but the reward is much higher (i.e. you'll
enjoy your job more and get paid more) if you _do_ manage to get a job(s).

I have never been paid to work on any microsoft platforms and I know others
who have chosen to follow that path - none of us regret a single moment (:

> I just want to know if I will be wasting my time(and money) if I get certified 
> Linux training and see Linux other than a hobby which it currently is. I'm 
> about to graduate from the Cape Tech with a National Diploma in IT and are 
> just entering the real world of IT, so I have no idea about what the IT 
> sector is looking for.
> Is Linux gonna have a bigger market share in a few years(which we all hope it 
> will have), or is it going to remain the ideal of a few hardcore fans?

I don't see why you need a Linux certification to work in the field. I
haven't got one and I've been paid to work with Linux for years. I'm not
suggesting that you should avoid it, but it is definitely not a substitute
for knowledge.

In short, I think it is important to get a job doing something which you
probably would've done even if you weren't paid to do it. If not, you're
going to have a rather unpleasant 50 odd years ahead of you :P



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