[CLUG-chat] Who uses the internet to search for locall products

Mike Morris mike.morris at coco-technologies.co.za
Fri Oct 11 09:06:22 SAST 2002

evilsee wrote:
 > Hi
 > Im doing a bit of research.
 > What I want to know is does anyone search for services/prices for goods
 > that are sold locally?

<ROTFL> Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah! You must be joking.

 > Do people still use the yellow pages to find services or whould they
 > rather search online?

Give me my Yello Pages everytime.  Most companies in this country have
such crappy websites that they're simply not worth the bother.  A whole
lot of the web-design companies ar "IE-only" droids.  A whole lot of
companies can't be bothered (or are ashamed) to put prices on their
site. A whole lot more advertise email addresses for contact, but never
bother to reply to them: Would you install a phone and then never answer it?

"You can always save five minutes on the phone by spending an hour or
two on the internet."

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