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Thanks for all the info



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On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 10:25:30AM +0200, Erhard Eiselen wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am currently busy with an infrstaructure research project
> and in need of reference sites (companies) preferably in the W.C.
> that use Linux as application server and either MySQL or PostgreSQL
> as RDBMS of choice.
> Any help will be appreciated.

After seeing your name, I forgot to actually look at your question.
U of Zululand seems to be moving toward using Linux as a platform
for web-based apps.  We've done a bunch of development using
PHP with MySQL on the back end and other work with Java servlets
with MySQL.  I want to try and move to Postgres, but haven't got
past some initial playing with it due to the usual scenario of
deadlines comming up fast and then running straight over us.

Among our reasonably succesful projects are:

- a "prepaid Internet" billing/management system for our student
labs.  Works with squid proxy server & written using Java servlets/JSP.
- a combination Python/MySQL/PHP that generates our lecture timetable
and venue bookings, plus an app for our "timetable admin" persons
to shuffle stuff around as required.
- in 2001 we did our academic registration using a very hastily 
written PHP/MySQL app.  This worked very well, but...
- in 2002, the mainframe development people wrestled academic
registration back.  This worked so well that...
- I'm currently redeveloping the academic registration & student
systems using web-based stuff with Java/Servlets & integrating
this with our timetabling system.

For my sins (and I can't imagine what I did that deserves this),
I'm trying to find some way to integrate our "mainframe" (Natural/Adabas
running on Solaris) systems with web-based apps.  It's either really
expensive or terribly unpleasant.

I'm scheduled to tell my war stories about this at the upcomming
Linux/OSS conference (in...Bronkhorstspruit?!?) next month.  There's
also a Linux Journal article about the prepaid Internet system
comming out next month...I think.

Soren Aalto <soren at pan.uzulu.ac.za>
Internet Services & Development
University of Zululand

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