[CLUG-chat] Re: [GLUG] [OT] Be nostalgic about your first PC

Clive Crous clive at capedomain.co.za
Tue Oct 1 07:24:01 SAST 2002

I'm trying to find a C64 anyone got a (working) one they wanna part with
:) :)

or any ideas



On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 10:23, Andre Truter wrote:

    Andre Truter wrote:
     > Hi all,
     > I just found a site that shows some details on the computer that I
     > first  started to program on (Epson HX-20).  I nearly got tears in
     > my eyes.  :-)
     > Maybe somebody else can also get nostalgic about the early days of 
     > Some wonderful machines there from the era when programmers were
     > still  programmers.  :-) http://www.geocities.com/~compcloset/index.html
     > // getting up from rocking chair to start preparing for afternoon nap
    This is getting better!  You can still buy a brand-spanking-new Epson 
    HX-20 computer from a cumpany in UK (Castle Dataware) for only 225 pounds!!
    Wow, looks like these things had a time-warp.  :-)
    Sorry, but I get very emotional about these old machines... :-)
    Anybody have about 300 pounds laying around?
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