[CLUG-chat] Debian and up to date mirrors

Izak Burger iburger at cs.sun.ac.za
Wed Aug 29 11:46:14 SAST 2001


ftp.leg is out of date?  I mirror from ftp.leg and I found them to be
quite up to date.  I do have some trouble with the Packages.gz file in sid
containing the wrong file sizes, but I'm sure the problem will clear up
eventually.  If not, I'll have to mail the maintainer.  As far as I know,
ftp.leg rsyncs with an upstream mirror on a daily basis.

As far as ftp.sun goes, just forget about it.  ftp.sun has been out of
date for so long I've stopped counting.  The machine is an old Sun Sparc
three, that is too old too upgrade (lots of old scsi drives), and has
insufficient diskspace.  Work is underway to replace it with a new machine
and to triple the diskspace, but this has been going on for months now, so
I cannot say when it will be done.  Apparently that will happen "Real Soon
Now (TM)".


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Gary Greyling wrote:

> Is there an up to date mirror of the debian files anywhere in south
> africa. So far i have checked and found the following to be out of date
> and or linking the sid directory to woody
> ftp.is.co.za
> ftp.leg.uct.ac.za
> ftp.sun.ac.za
> I'm at a University so anything on the Adamastor network would be really
> kewl.
> Gary
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