[CLUG-chat] Nutscrape

Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) hylton at global.co.za
Sat Aug 25 15:21:28 SAST 2001

Thanks Dale for the input to a seemingly nutty person. 'Nutscrape' it
might be but I still want to embrace Linux, provided it can do for me
what Windows does and I need and want, in that order.

Of the two distro's that I have installed so far I have to say that the
Mandrake  8.0 one is far better than the RH 6.2 one. I might be a GUI
junky but I still see Linux as the system of choice in the future for
many organizations who just cant afford the M$ licensing.

I will take notice of your system suggestions although I have to say I
prefer Mandrake to RH. I have heard good things about ximian Gnome and
so therefore I will install it and asides I prefer the Gnome interface
to KDE or Blackbox. Mozilla Mail or Balsa will have to be my Netscape
replacements provided I can still view HTML graphic pages and send text
email. I have been 'trained' into this thinking of not accepting beta
software so therefore I will more than likely go for Mozilla mail. I
have to break out of this 10 year use of Netscape as an email and
browser Communicator. I have just ben playing around with Staroffice 5.1
under Mandrake and it will not open a .doc file with a bulleted list in
it or one with a TOC?

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