[CLUG-chat] Linux support in CTN

Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) hylton at global.co.za
Thu Aug 23 12:14:22 SAST 2001

Ouch, my last email gotta hurt!

Just want to say that even though I slated the Obsidian guys they did
manage to recover my data over a 2 hr period. They are actually a good
set of guys as although they could have done many of the things I had
listed to be done, they did not do them so as to prevent me from paying
the resulting enormous service fees.

Also I think that as a Windows user hearing about this 'wonderful' unix
like system called Linux that I presuppose will do just as what Windows
does and more than likely more. With a lot of investigation by yours
truly I think this will be the case but we, as Windows users, expect the
OS to provide some certain inbuilt applications like we would get with
Windows and Office. Immediately, on Linux, this is not apparent as we,
as Windows users, are used to the 8.3 file format and exe's and file
types determining where files go. We have to relearn the PC file
structure when moving to Linux and after 10 years even normally calm
people like me get rattled and send off spouting email.

Sorry to the Obsidian guys is required and given, even though I am going
to remain pig-headed about how Linux should be more like a GNU Windows
for ease of use and understanding.

I do not like having to slate people publicly and therefore this email
in a sorry addendum. 

P.S.: Hylton goes and stands in a dustbin in the corner of the room

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